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This is an updated release of the Brushwood collector's coin page. It will be expanded in the future to include further Brushwood Coin Notes and additional coins for sale.

Coin Notes

The first Coin Note we have published here covers the British coin grading definitions. In early 2006 we released coin notes on "Wren Farthings" and "Ship Halfpennies". A further Coin Note on the Brass Threepence was then added in 2008. The Coin Notes provide information on all the variations commonly found in issued coins along with pictures and circulation figures for each year of minting.

Future Coin Notes already being written include one on the History of the Fifty Pence Coin, covering its first 50 Years, and a number of other reference notes are being considered for the Decimal Coinage of the UK.

The Fifty Pence Coin Note covers every aspect of the 50p coin, from its introduction in 1969 through to its 50th Anniversary in 2019. It also now includes all the 2020 coins. (Release date: Jan 2021).

Click on the title link you require below to download the Brushwood Coin Note as a PDF file.

Coins For Sale

In addition to the wide range of Proof & BUNC sets to be found on the other pages of the website Brushwood currently has for sale the following coins types. Coins are normally available at UNC grade, with a few of the less common dates only available in up to EF condition. We also have a number of other individual decimal proof coins for sale.

We also have for sale Whitman folders for Halfpennies and Farthings.

If you send us a list of coins you need we will be happy to quote you a price that will be below the current market value. We always aim to match or do better than the prices found on eBay for 'Buy It Now' coins.